Welcome to NTNU Enrollment System

System Service
The Enroll System is available from 9:00 am to midnight
The first stage enroll in courses online during 2022/08/01-08/04.
The second stage enroll in courses online during 2022/08/15-08/17.
The stage for new students enroll in courses online during 2022/08/26-08/29.
Online course add/drop (or add course by authorised code) during 2022/09/05-2022/09/19.
(course drop is not allowed on 2022/09/19)

★To ensure the operation of the Course Selection System and fairness in course selection, those suspected of paralyzing the course selection process by using plug-in programs or other software will have their course selection rights immediately suspended.
★Please use the Add Course button under My Courses to add a new course during the add/drop period. Also, please note that freshmen should not register courses under Freshman Enrollment Period Physical Priority section and Freshman Enrollment Period General Priority section during this perio

Chooses the course consultation: Graduate (02)7749-1114
Dispel StudentID/Password doubt: (02)7749-3737

For the purposes of inter-university course selection application(except NTU and NTUST courses), course list printout, grades and course withdrawal results inquiry,
please login to integrated information system by your personal student ID No. and password.